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Splash Guard Bowl

Splash Guard Bowl

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The Splash Guard! A revolutionary slow water feeder and floating bowl designed to address common concerns associated with traditional water bowls. Here's why the Splash Guard is a must-have for pet owners!


Saliva-Free Drinking: The plates and water overflow holes in our Splash Guard prevent pets' mouths from getting wet, avoiding saliva staining and yellowing.

Slow Water Intake: The automatic adjustment floating plate design regulates your pet's drinking speed, preventing choking and vomiting.

Large Capacity: The Splash Guard provides ample water capacity to keep your pet hydrated throughout the day.

Versatile Usage: The splash-proof design and non-slip mat make it suitable for various environments, including home, office, outdoor travel, and more.

Product information

Capacity: 1.5L
Material: ABS & PP



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