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Reflective Leash

Reflective Leash

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The Reflective Leash, designed to make walking and training your pet a breeze. Here's why our leash stands out...

Foam Handle: Experience comfortable and easy dog walking with the soft foam handle.

Enhanced Durability: Sewn with herringbone car encryption needle for robustness and safety during walks.

Reflective Anti-Skid Handle: The encrypted nylon handle provides a secure grip and enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

High-Quality Hooks: The electrophoresis black hooks made of zinc alloy and stainless steel are rust-resistant and reliable.

Sponge Non-Slip Handle: Enjoy a soft and comfortable grip with the elasticity to prevent your pet from pulling or bursting.



Length: 1.5m

Rope Diameter: 12mm 

Weight: 243g

Material: Polyester



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